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It’s always important for a developer to document any new things he learns while coding. I usually keep a notebook where I write any complex logic or any new things which I learn. So instead of using a notebook, I thought why not use GitHub Pages to share with the world which I learn in my day-to-day programming. Thus I have started this blog to document my learning of anything be it coding, best practices, new technologies or even photography.

About Me

I work as a Full Stack Developer mainly in .Net Core and Angular though I have also have knowledge on Node.js and React.js and having around 7 years of professional experience. I love coding and try to learn new things every day to be better every single day.

Whenever I get some time, I try to attend conferences and meetups in Bangalore and I will try to document my experiences through this blog.

About this Blog

This blog runs on Jekyll, using so-simple-theme and served over GitHub Pages. The website is open source if you want to have a look, Trust me, nothing is easier than building your sites using Jeykyll, you can start in like 30 minutes.

Thanks for reading.